Aladdin Theatre Show – Egypt

Produced by the “Renata” Academy and supervised by the “Gaia” Foundation for Arts and Sports, headed by the artist and director Fares Mongy, and the show is among the honorary performances that participate in the festival. The show presents many important values, including honesty, goodness, acceptance of the other, love and cooperation. The show participated in more than one international and local festival. The show represented a group of children who are students of the academy: Ella, Tamara, Victoria, Mila, Luticia, Martin, Monica, Arian, Emma Aelitska, Teresa, Esther, Grata, Bronica, Lutcia, Bronica, Alexandra, Sarah, Stella, Sabina, Ella, Tamara, Andre Ya, Adriana, Olivia, Luisa, Sofia, Academy Director Renata Kyogravure, Katrina, Adrina, Director Fares Mongy, President of the Foundation said “Gaya” for the arts about his beginnings in the theater: she started theater in Europe through the play “The Pirate Corsair”, then she launched after that and presented many dramas, including the series “Lara”, which was shown on the “CBC” channel, then she presented a film with director David Verbeck He is the one who encouraged me to go through the acting experience, and I thought of establishing an association to serve as an institution to discover talents and creative energies, especially since Egypt is full of distinguished talents, but it is not highlighted and does not get its due from good marketing; Therefore, it was necessary to present these talents to the world, and to hold festivals in Europe. The name “Gaya” means the mother of earthly villages. We care about the “Gaya” Foundation for people with special needs and people with disabilities. During the seventh session, we presented “Aladdin” from the “Renata” Academy, and it was presented by children from Age 7-18 years. It is a musical show from Slovakia. It achieved a great public turnout and was presented in more than one country, Italy, France and Croatia. While the Director of the Academy, Mrs. Renata, explained that the show aims to consolidate a set of different values, including the interdependence of peoples and rejecting the idea of intolerance. The heroes of the show are the students of the Academy, and they have chosen students who fit the characters on the formal and representative level, indicating that the story of “Aladdin” is new. To the Western world and has not been presented before, explaining their interest in the academy in presenting Arab heritage stories because of the different values they contain. She also expressed her happiness in participating in the Sharm El-Sheikh International Festival for Youth Theatre, while Tamara, who plays the role of “Yasmine”, expressed her happiness in presenting this character and the love story that She links Aladdin and Jasmine and their fight to Jafar, explaining that she has done extensive training to be able to perform it, wishing to present various and different personalities, and also emphasized the distinction and different activities of the Sharm El-Sheikh International Youth Theater Festival. While Ella, who plays the character “Aladdin,” stated that she is happy to present this character, which represents a great challenge for her, especially since she plays the role of a man, which required extensive training and watching many plays and films, while Aryan, who plays the role of “the narrator,” expressed his happiness. By presenting the character of the narrator who talks with the audience and interacts with them and creates suspense for the events, while “Nila”, who played the role of the jinn in the show, confirmed her enjoyment of performing this character, especially that she is a fictional character and has the ability to fulfill the dreams of the public, which is what attracted her most in the character. It is noteworthy that this year’s session of the festival bears the name of the great artist Nabil Al-Alfi, and the State of Iraq was an honorary guest for the seventh session. Under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, and Major General Staff Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai.

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