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Egyptian Embassy in Slovakia

It’s our pleasure at Gaia International Art and Sports Association.

To extend the most generous, abundant, and fulfilling thanks and gratitude to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the good selection of Egyptian missions abroad.

I especially thank the Egyptian Embassy in the Republic of Slovakia for the distinguished efforts, support, care, and attention received by the Gaia International Association team at the Egyptian Embassy, for the good reception of the Aladdin show at the Sharm El-Sheikh International Theater Festival, and the generous hospitality by providing all the delicious food and drink, and support for Egyptian tourism by providing Ashraf The pictures are about the Egyptians, their generosity and magnanimity inside and outside, and their ideal appearance that is emulated.

I also thank you

Mrs. Ambassador / Nada Kiwan

Honoring her to attend the Renata Academy of Arts and for her full keenness to support Egyptian tourism.

I also thank Mr. Muhammad Ali

Attaché for financial and administrative affairs at the embassy

We hope that your supervising fingerprint will remain on our business.

President of Gaia International Arts and Sports Association

Fares Mongy

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