Elnasr Club Ceremony

Today, the Gaia Association, headed by Fares Munji, held a ceremony honoring 250 capable people of determination, for their distinction in the artistic, sports, and literary fields, at Al-Nasr Sports Club, with the participation of Dr. Sahar Abdel-Haq, consultant and chairman of the club’s board of directors, in the presence of figures in the sports, political and technical fields, including Major General Sayed Nasr, former governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, Ihab Hassanein, “President of the Arab Paralympic Federation, Major General Mansour Al-Muhammadi, Vice President of the Egyptian Paralympic Federation, Dr. Wael Qandil, member of the Federation’s Board of Directors. Al-Masry and Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education of the Suez Canal, Colonel Tamer Baybars, member of the Board of Directors of the Federation, Dr. Sherif Salah El-Din, Human Development Consultant and Vice President of the Arab Paralympic Federation, Counselor Mahmoud Hamza, Dr. Mervat Muharram, Artist Khaled Mahrous, Engineer Hamdi Zaki Abu Tawila, Major General Lotfi Ali Ayad, former assistant minister of the interior, and attended by Dr. Muhammad Badran, the Voice of the People party, Dr. Mona Abu Hashima, the party’s deputy head, and Dr. Ahmed Idris, the party’s head advisor. The ceremony began with a number of speeches by the guests, expressing their pride in our children of determination, who have proven their worth in several fields, and proved President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s statement that they are capable in different ways. The event was co-organised by Azab El Shorbagy, Head of GAIA Branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Asmaa Ahmed Mohamed, General Organizer, Hossam Abu Hashem, Treasurer, Dr. Asmaa Hassanein, Media Advisor to GAIA, noting that GAIA is an institution concerned with arts, literature and sports, established in the European Union with Egyptian hands.

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