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What Is International Dance Festival Of Sharm El-Sheikh (GAIAFESTIVAL)?

GAIAFESTIVAL is an International Dance Event, which takes place in Sharm El – Sheikh, Egypt from December 3rd to December 7th, 2023.

“Not just a festival!”
GAIAFESTIVAL aims to create a high quality content with exceptional conditions for dancers

from all over the world. The festival consists of:

  •  Intensive Workshops in 5 Dance Divisions

  • Advanced Masterclasses in 5 Dance Divisions

  •  Evening Exhibitions and Contests at SOHO square stage in front of a massive


  • Epic Beduine Desert Dinner with Arabic Folk and Culture presentation closing by a

    DJ Party

  • Other

    Dance Divisions

    The festival includes 5 dance divisions for workshops and masterclasses.

  • Street and Hip-Hop

  •  Art Dance – Jazz and Contemporary

  • Salsa & Bachata

  • Belly Dance

  • Zumba

    Each dance division offers 8 workshops (2 workshops a day) and 4 masterclasses (1 masterclass a day). All together the festival provides 40 workshops and 20 masterclasses. The length of the workshops and masterclasses is 1h 15min.

    The workshops and masterclasses will be lead by famous instructors with many years of experience and high quality educational skills. The language used at workshops will be English.

    Who Can Attend The Festival?

    There are no limits to age or level of dancing. The festival is open for everyone, who wants to learn new dance styles or improve their skills. The workshops are designed for every level of dancers. For underage we also offer packages for supervisors or parents.

    “We welcome individual dancers, dance groups, dance schools, art schools, dance studios and anyone who is attracted in dancing!”

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Egyptian Embassy in Slovakia

It’s our pleasure at Gaia International Art and Sports Association.

To extend the most generous, abundant, and fulfilling thanks and gratitude to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the good selection of Egyptian missions abroad.

I especially thank the Egyptian Embassy in the Republic of Slovakia for the distinguished efforts, support, care, and attention received by the Gaia International Association team at the Egyptian Embassy, for the good reception of the Aladdin show at the Sharm El-Sheikh International Theater Festival, and the generous hospitality by providing all the delicious food and drink, and support for Egyptian tourism by providing Ashraf The pictures are about the Egyptians, their generosity and magnanimity inside and outside, and their ideal appearance that is emulated.

I also thank you

Mrs. Ambassador / Nada Kiwan

Honoring her to attend the Renata Academy of Arts and for her full keenness to support Egyptian tourism.

I also thank Mr. Muhammad Ali

Attaché for financial and administrative affairs at the embassy

We hope that your supervising fingerprint will remain on our business.

President of Gaia International Arts and Sports Association

Fares Mongy


Elnasr Club Ceremony

Today, the Gaia Association, headed by Fares Munji, held a ceremony honoring 250 capable people of determination, for their distinction in the artistic, sports, and literary fields, at Al-Nasr Sports Club, with the participation of Dr. Sahar Abdel-Haq, consultant and chairman of the club’s board of directors, in the presence of figures in the sports, political and technical fields, including Major General Sayed Nasr, former governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, Ihab Hassanein, “President of the Arab Paralympic Federation, Major General Mansour Al-Muhammadi, Vice President of the Egyptian Paralympic Federation, Dr. Wael Qandil, member of the Federation’s Board of Directors. Al-Masry and Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education of the Suez Canal, Colonel Tamer Baybars, member of the Board of Directors of the Federation, Dr. Sherif Salah El-Din, Human Development Consultant and Vice President of the Arab Paralympic Federation, Counselor Mahmoud Hamza, Dr. Mervat Muharram, Artist Khaled Mahrous, Engineer Hamdi Zaki Abu Tawila, Major General Lotfi Ali Ayad, former assistant minister of the interior, and attended by Dr. Muhammad Badran, the Voice of the People party, Dr. Mona Abu Hashima, the party’s deputy head, and Dr. Ahmed Idris, the party’s head advisor. The ceremony began with a number of speeches by the guests, expressing their pride in our children of determination, who have proven their worth in several fields, and proved President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s statement that they are capable in different ways. The event was co-organised by Azab El Shorbagy, Head of GAIA Branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Asmaa Ahmed Mohamed, General Organizer, Hossam Abu Hashem, Treasurer, Dr. Asmaa Hassanein, Media Advisor to GAIA, noting that GAIA is an institution concerned with arts, literature and sports, established in the European Union with Egyptian hands.